Replacement Bulbs for Ecosmart Tunable White Bulbs

I’ve been using these Ecosmart Zigbee tunable white bulbs that are no longer available.

I’m looking for an affordable replacement. I don’t need RGB, just tunable white.
I’ve come across innr cool-warm white bulbs. Are these decent bulbs? Any other options?
No wifi please.

Edit in US using V3 hub

You didn’t say what country you’re in, but my favorite inexpensive tunable white bulbs are indeed Innr. Available in multiple regions.

We use IKEA tradfri anywhere we just need dimmable white bulbs, INNR where we want inexpensive temperature tunable bulbs, and Hue Brand for when we need that level of quality for RGBW.

The Innr “comfort” line are among the brightest color temperature tunable bulbs available at 1140 lm, and a good price at a typical $15 per bulb