Innr RB 145 Smart LED Dimmable Candle Bulb: Best DH to Use?


TL;DR can anybody let me know the best DH for these bulbs?

Quite a noob when it comes to what device handlers work best with what.

Just got myself some of these:

They are white dimmable without colour temperature. This being where the problem starts, the only white bulb in the DH list is white with colour temperature. This works to a certain extent but can be slow to respond on the app.

Makes me think that the DH I am using is not the ideal one.

Note I am only using the ST hub I don’t want to have a hub overload by installing any other hubs.



The Q&A on Amazon has an answer from Innr that states, “Yes, when combined with a Hue Bridge. Pretty soon Innr lights will be able to be controlled directly via SmartThings - for updates, please keep an eye on our social media pages.”

Perhaps “this time” has passed and native Zigbee is available? Others with more info may chime in…

Ah so good channel will be Amazon to see if I can get an answer from Innr direct.

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Yes, perhaps from their support group. Or Facebook/Twitter pages…

Ok looking on GitHub I found this DH:

I am thinking that all I need to do is add a line for the RB 145 in the fingerprint section. Sound right to you people?

Just to answer my own question I was trying to use the devices listed under Zigbee when I should use the ZLL device Handlers. They all appear towork well now. Capture