New router - cannot connect

Hi all

I have changed internet provider so now I have a new router. I have connected my smart things hub to the new router via the CAT5 cable but my hub stays ‘blue’ and the app says the hub is offline. Does anyone know what I am to do?



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Try another device and another cable. Also go into the router settings and try to find the status pages. It’s something simple or an out of box failed router.

Hi - all my other devices are working, and I have switched the CAT5 cable - it still will not work. I have checked and the hub gets the following iP address, which seems odd:



All sorted! I needed to open a number of ports.


Can’t believe you had to open ports. I’ve had hub on two different routers, the ports it uses (whatever they are), aren’t unusual. Had you rebooted the hub? Maybe it randomly selects ports in a range. I’m not an expert though, just seems odd. Glad it worked.


Thanks - i’m on a new Virgin Media hub - they must be overly security conscious. I had to give the hub a static IP and open the relevant ports for that iP.

Just needed to do a reset when I switched routers only because
I changed subnets (192 to 10).