Iris Motion 0% Battery

I replaced my batteries in several Iris devices; motion and open/close. In each one, it completely works, turns on lights, etc, but continues to report 0% battery. This is new; I still have MitchPond custom device handler in my account.

Is this potentially not needed, and I should remove, remove device handler, and add back to the system? At a loss. Thanks!

Just login to the ide and change the handler for each device to smartsense motion.

I also have a bunch of these. They were all working great, but sometime late last year they all started devouring batteries. Within a day or two of replacing the battery, they drop to 0% and stay there for a few weeks before dying. Interestingly (maybe a coincidence, hard to tell) the same thing is happening with my Iris contact sensors.

This is on both a v1 and a v2 hub.

Would it be similar for contact sensors? Choose the ST version?

Yup. All my Iris sensors use ST’s code, and they work as expected, and they’re local to the hub too.

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