Replace Ecolink Tilt sensor

I have a Ecolink Z-Wave garage tilt sensor that no longer shows battery, but the tilt still works. I have changed the battery, but still shows no battery. Now someone mentioned the replace command to try to get it to work. Not sure how to do that. Some step by step would help. Also does the same replace command work if I purchase a new tilt sensor?

Replace is under the device settings. As the name suggests, it’s intended to replace an existing z-wave device with a new z-wave device so you don’t have to rebuild all your rules.

OK, but how do I use it?

You can try a couple different ways:

  1. Before tapping on Replace, remove the battery from the sensor. Now, tap on Replace and wait for the app to come back and tell you it’s ready to replace the device. As soon as that happens, put the battery back in. You may need to trip the sensor as well.

  2. Start the Replace process, and when the app comes back and tells you it’s ready to replace the device, trip the device to wake it up.

Either one of those should do the trick, but from past experience with Ecolink devices, their battery reporting process is kind of a pita.

Neither method worked. I removed the battery, then hit replace. The screen said having trouble wait to connect. It stayed there for ever, nothing proceeded from there.