Master reset ecolink tilt sensor?

I have a question. Does anyone know how to master reset an ecolink tilt sensor? Here’s the issue. My first generation SmartThings hub crashed. Like won’t power on or anything. So I’m trying to reset my tilt sensor to be able to connect to my new SmartThings hub. I’ve tried searching everywhere. But because my hub just completely crashed, I can’t do the exclusion mode on it to remove the sensor.

See if this helps…

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The folks at the zwave alliance understood that there might be times when you didn’t have access to the original controller The device had been paired to, either because the controller itself broke, as in your case, or because you got a device used, or sometimes because a brand-new device had been paired to a test Controller at the factory and the information was not properly cleared before it was shipped. It happens.

Because of this understanding, the general exclusion can be issued by any certified Zwave controller, not just the The original. The command will be heard by all zwave devices in the area. Then as a second step you have to do something to get the device that you want to exclude to not just hear the command, but to act on it, and that usually means some button press pattern on the device itself.

So you should have no problem issuing the general exclude from your new hub. :sunglasses: And then you follow the instructions that @jkp found for you to get the tilt sensor to act on the exclude command. Then at that point you should be able to go ahead and pair the Sensor to your new hub.

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