Repeated reminders for an event?

Has anyone had success using Smart Home Monitor to issue a repeating alert for an open door? I tried using SMH to warn me about leaving my garage door open every 30 minutes based on another post but from what I can tell SMH won’t send additional messages after the first one.

I had success using Rule Machine for this but I had to create two rules to get it to work. One rule is triggered by the open event and activates another rule that has a cancelable, delayed message push that also re-runs the action from the trigger rule. It seems to work but I’m surprised that this isn’t easier to do or just supported by SMH.

I also found this github script which seems to do the trick though it’s limited to 10 pushes:

I highly recommend you join over at WebCoRE…The folks there are super helpful and if you haven’t used WebCoRE, you will be simply amazed…

Here’s an example, there are more:


Finally got around to trying this…so far I really like the experience over Rules Machine. I created a different piston for another rule I was having trouble with so we’ll see how that goes. Thanks!

Sure thing…I think there’s a learning curve, but the nice thing is if you post over at their forum, you can usually get a fast response…and WebCoRE is evolving…I think this is just the tip of the iceberg…