How to get a reminder Garage Door is open every 30 minutes

I purchased and installed the Linear IRIS controller from Lowe’s. I was hoping to find something in IFTT, but it seems like it’s only for Garageio which is an entirely separate product.

I want a reminder that I left the door open. I am often working in the yard and will intentionally leave it open. I may finish the day in my back yard 2 hrs later, come in the house and call it a night. But I forgot the door is open!

What do y’all suggest for this situation besides having better memory :stuck_out_tongue:

You can use Rule Machine to create a rule that sends a notification when the garage door is left open for 15-20 mins. Then you can make another rule that updates the previous rule with something like motion in your home. Each time the rule is updated, it is evaluated again and that will give you repeated notifications. You may not get the notifications every 30 mins or so, but you will still be able to get multiple notifications.

This is hour I set mine up in rule machine. Ignore the part about Boolean and the lights. This is one part of multiple rules that work together.

I second (or third) the Rule Machine approach.

I also have a rule for my “Good Night” routine to make sure the garage door is closed.

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awesome stuff, thanks all. I’m still new to this and was not even aware of Rule Machine! Knowing about this new tool will open up lots and lots of things to me! I’ll be tinkering with this stuff later.

Have mine set up to check if it is open when I switch into “Night” mode. If it is, it closes automatically (using Rule Machine).

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I’m making progress.

I set the delay to X minutes w/ a sms notification. I get an alert X minutes after I save the rule, but nothing else after. I want to get an SMS (or push) every X minutes until I finally close it.

Post a screen shot of you rule. I think I know how to make this work for you.

Thanks, this is what I came up with based off of your screenie from earlier.
(keep in mind, this is a testing of the alerts. In this case, I want it to buzz me the door is closed - TESTING PURPOSES. But in real world, it’ll be the opposite, alert when open)