How to periodically check on door if it is open every 10 min

I created the piston in the pic. to send me audio notification if my door open and it does work,The question how to keep checking if the door is still open after 10 minutes and send a 2nd notification and keep sending the notification every 10 minutes as long the door open?


Try this example, adjust times accordingly.

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I tried exactly the same thing ,i got the first notification but it did not follow up again ,so waited another minutes and no notification even the door sensor was still open…this is my current piston

Group the tasks together. After Wait 1 minute, scroll down and you’ll see “Add a task”, continue adding the rest.

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you are the man eibyer…it worked,i can get a notification and also excute another piston that send an audio notification to my speaker…mission accomplished.

thanks…really appreciate it


For those less CoRE centric , and don’t need the recurring check, the SmartThings Smart Home Monitor has custom monitoring built-in for this or if you don’t use SHM the marketplace has “Something Left Open”


I liked CoRE and the capabilities it gives.The only thing it keep sending txt messages when a piston get executed even i do not have sms notification in the piston, is this a default setting that you can not disable?


It should only be sending a message when you tell it too. Based on the piston you posted tho you will get a text every time you open that door after 1 min. To negate this you should add a task cancelation policy. Use cancel on piston or condition state change. That way during your 1 minute, or however long you set it too, time window if the door is closed then you will not get the text.

I am a bit late to this thread but could you point me to where I can find this “Something Left Open” app?

Couldn’t find this under Energy Management. Has it been moved?

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