Renaming a device

Having problem renaming a device

I’m sure that’s very frustrating. We need a little more information to help.

Brand and model?

Are you renaming it in the mobile app or in the IDE? If the mobile app, which OS?

What are you trying to rename it to?

What error message/error behavior do you see when you try to rename it?

Installed a Ge Smart Dimmer. Works fine with Amazon Echo using the name “z-wave smart dimmer” but want to change the name to “kitchen ceiling lights” for the Echo. I got is to work for a table lamp but forgot how I did it.

Yeah, it can be hard to find

One) open the SmartThings mobile app

Two) click" my home" at the bottom of the screen.

Three) click on “things” at the top of the screen to display your things list.

  1. scroll down until you find the device you want to change. Now click on the name of the device. Not the icons to the left or right of it, just the actual name. This will open the details page

  1. once the details page is open click on the gear at the top of that page. This will open the device profile page.

  1. and then you will be able to change the device name. Make sure you save it before leaving the page by clicking “done” in the top right. :sunglasses:


Great, thank you