Rename Water Sensor?

I’m trying to rename a couple of SmartThings Water Sensors in the IOS Smartthings app and am unable to figure it out…any help?

Which app? 6 circles on the icon or one circle?

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SmartThing (Samsung Connect):
Click on the Devices tab in the lower menu. Then click on the 3 dots in the upper right of the screen and choose Edit, then select the device you want to edit. The Device Name can be changed at the top.

SmartThings Classic:
My Home: Things: select the Device, click on the cog in the upper right and edit the device name there.

In IDE at :
go to My Devices, click on the name of the device, click edit at the bottom then edit the name and click update at the bottom of the screen.



Thank you…I’m blind :slight_smile: