Can you rename a virtual switch?

(Kevin) #1

I have a virtual switch called simply virtual switch… I’m using it now for Alexa to mute and unmute my phone via IFTTT.
I wanted to rename it to Phone or something like that.
Can I do that or do I need to remove from smartapps first?
I know I’d have to rediscover with the Echo after.

Thanks in advance…

(Marc) #2

Renaming a virtual device or any other device in that matter, should not be an issue. I’ve done it many times.

(Kevin) #3

Are there tasks to do after I rename it? or are the smartapps using the device ID internally and not the name?
Do I change both the name and the label?

Thanks :slight_smile:

(Marc) #4

I usually do it from the IDE and change the name and label. I don’t believe there are any tasks. Try one and see if it still works :slight_smile: You can always change it back.

(Kevin) #5

Many thanks

(Pizzinini) #6

It is easiest to do in the phone app. If you change a device name in Smartthings it is automatically changed for all apps etc within Smartthings. I think IFTTT also updates automatically. For Alexa I think you have to tell “Alexa discover new devices” to update. In case you use Homebridge you will have to restart it to load the new name.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #7

Yes. Almost everything in SmartThings is accessed by Object ID (except Modes and Routines which are referenced by Name).

There is a tiny chance some SmartApps may use Device Name in places, but there is no reason for them to do this.

It is perfectly safe to rename Devices.