Renamed device in ST, Google Home doesn't get updated

So I moved my plugin switch from my bedroom to the living room, renamed the device in ST from “Master Light” to “Living Room Light”. However, in the Google Home device list, it still said “Master Light”. So I tried to remove it from Google Home, then re-add it, and it still said “Master Light”. Frustrated, I unlinked my ST account from GH, and it finally got the name correct. This can’t be the only way to rename a device. If I had all my devices grouped into Rooms, that would wipe out all of it, so I don’t think unlinking the account every time a device is renamed is the right solution.

I assume this is a bug?

Might be. But you can always go into home and change the nickname of the device for GH.

If GH is like Alexa , if you change a device name in ST you need to delete it from Alexa then rediscover it under the new name.

When I’ve renamed devices so far, I’ve gone in to check for new devices, then when the ST authorization comes us, I unselect the switch in question, save, then go back and re-select it. Haven’t found a better way yet. I’m wondering if the switch’s name would update eventually anyway but haven’t been patient enough to find out.