Do Device names in SmartThings need to match the device name in Alexa?

I suspect I know the answer (no), but going to ask to make sure.

I have several smart switches controlling the same set of lights (e.g. kitchen lights are controlled by switches named in ST as “kitchen master”, “kit_1“, “kit_2”). I only have “kitchen master” visible to Alexa for voice control, and would like to rename it in Alexa to “Kitchen lights” so I can say, “Alexa, turn on kitchen lights” to turn it on.

Can I change the device name in the Alexa app so that it can be referred to by that name when using Alexa voice control?

It works, but I’ve found it WAY easier to keep the names the same and go back and rename it at the source if you can…

When you have two hundred devices figuring out which is which starts to become a problem.

What we usually do is just add the device to an Alexa group with the desired spoken name. (You can have a group with just one device if you want.)

For example, we are three housemates. There is a small room in the house. One of us calls it “the office,“ one of us calls it “the den,“ and one of us calls it “the study.“ We all know what we mean, but those are the names we use. So we put that same device into multiple Amazon groups and now everybody can use their preferred name in spoken instructions. :sunglasses:

Just a precaution, I have never had an issue with Alexa, but when renaming devices in Google it has created duplicate ghost devices that NEVER go away. Hopefully, this never happens with Alexa, but to be safe I’d keep the names the same and update from Smartthings.

Absolutely. Perfect example is how I use the Hampton Bay KOF driver. There are 4 speeds: low, med, med-high, and high. That’s how they are labeled in ST. However, in Alexa, I have them labeled Fan Low, Fan Medium, Fan, and Fan High. If I just say “Turn on Fan”, it turns on the med-high setting, which is good for everyday use…at least until my wife comes in and says “Turn on Fan Low” (or more likely, “Turn off Fan”. :frowning: )

This also makes it easier to turn off the fan, since “Fan” is one of the settings.

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