Rename Button Controller

Has anyone made a customized button controller that allows the app to be renamed. This is getting a little ridiculous trying to find the one I want to edit.


I’m using Smart Lightning with my button controller, and I can edit the name ST comes up with. What SmartApp are you using?

Use “Button Controller +” instead, it allows you to name each instance. Basically it’s the same as Button Controller with some extra features. It’s here:

Or, you can use Rule Machine to do these functions, plus many more, for buttons.


It’s called Button Controller. Like it shows in the screen shot.

I’ll try +. Thanks.

Sigh. 20 characters.

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Custom, or is it in the Marketplace (if so, where)?

Smart Lighting, much cleaner, you can rename the buttons and runs local. You cannot ask for more :smile:


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It’s in the marketplace, under “More”. First one. “Button Controller”.

Button Controller + works great. I’ll convert to Smart Lighting when (if?) I get the Hub v2.


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If I use Smart Lighting do I have to make a new instance for every button? And will it work with the long press on the minimote?

I use button controller because I can program all 8 buttons in the single app… just sucks we can’t rename it.

I didn’t realize Smart Lighting would do that. Thanks, I have been using Button Controller, I will change, like the local processing.