8-button Virtual Remote Control

Here’s a virtual remote control with 8 buttons. It emulates Aeon Labs Minimote (sort of, only “button push” events are implemented, sorry no “button held”, but with 8 buttons instead of four).

It can be used with the “Button Controller” SmartApp to turn switches on and off, open and close door locks, change home “modes”, trigger “Hello Home” actions, etc. Note, that “Button Controller” app supports only four buttons though.

It would be nice if one could change button labels from the device settings. Unfortunately, SmartThings won’t let you do that. But hey, at least you can edit them in the source code :smile: Also, you cannot assign icons to the buttons individually. If you change the icon or set custom background, all buttons will inherit it. Oh well…

Code is available on Github:



This could be useful… Thanks for sharing.

Right now I have folders/groups for many of my rooms, but most rooms don’t have more than a few items per. I could conceivably setup a virtual remote for each room or function. And, unlike groups, I could setup a button to do more than just one operation (ie, turn off all lights in a room or turn off overhead light and on bedside light…) or even a smart app.

And with this you can assign a device to more than one button. So I could have a kitchen light, for example, in a “morning remote” (which connects to me coffee maker, kitchen and dinning room light, garage door, etc) and also have in a kitchen/dinning room remote.

Lots of possibilities.

I get an error message when I try to use this app app in IDE:

groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method:
script1407870017103185143506.metadata() is applicable for argument
types: (script1407870017103185143506$_run_closure1) values:
Possible solutions: getMetadata(), getState(), setState(java.lang.Object), metaClass(groovy.lang.Closure)

It’s not a SmartApp, it’s a SmartDevice. You need to create it “My Device Types” in IDE. And then create a new device of this type in “My Devices”.

Great, I have it published on my phone but how to I assign actions to each button? is that done in the code itself?

You need to install “Button Controller” SmartApp from “Convenience” category: Dashboard -> (+) -> More -> Convenience.

Hi, the URL to acquire this code, and I cannot find it on git hub upon searching. Where may I find it, please? It looks pretty cool!

@geko do you still have a copy of this or do you know of an alternative? Thanks.

Bump? Any other suggestions for a virtual stand-alone button?

I use to and still do use SwitchMania but there were reports of people having issues installing it. However, Ayou can simply create a Virtual Button in the IDE.

This SS is from SwitchMania.