Smart app: button controller by ST. help needed

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Preface, I did a search an couldn’t find a similar thread post v2.02app.

I am not understanding how to use button controller with my minimote. any help welcomed.

(i’m ok here) screen one: which controller - use minimote
(i’m lost) screen two: what do you want button #1 to do?
options avail: light, locks, sonos, modes.
**but the options are devices names not devices & device action.

I want button1 to control a single device like a lock to do an action like unlock or lock when I can see someone is at the door.

any ideas? So far I came up with creating a routine called open door then attaching the routine as the action for button1. But that sound ridiculous to create a routine for one device to make this work; and besides my routines list would be too long if I kept this up. also would like solutions that are not custom smart apps or device types; that way things still run locally on v2.

thanks for any suggestions.

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Good luck with that. Only Smart Lights is able to run locally as of today. Button controller does not.

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[quote=“geko, post:2, topic:22929, full:true”]
…Only Smart Lights is able to run locally…[/quote]
goodness; oh wells…

thank you for the reply;

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Try playing around with it. It’s similar to having the quick buttons for actions next to a device name. So I have some lights associated with some of the minimote bottoms; the light will toggle on and off. You can also create virtual buttons if you want to create something more complicated without a routine.