Rename simulated button

I have a couple of tablets around the house that I use in conjunction with big talker. I use the simulated button device as a make shift one way intercom. When i press either the “press” or “hold” button under the simulated button on one tablet, Big Talker will speak on another tablet. For example I use it to tell my boys it’s time for dinner. I press the button on the tablet in the kitchen and Big Talker talks on the tablets in the their room.

The question is, is there a way to rename the buttons to something other than press and hold? I would like to name it something like “dinner” and “come here” so I know what I have Big Talker say.

Can’t you just use a momentary virtual switch (which you can name whatever you like) and get big talker to react to that?

I don’t use that device handler. You can’t rename the buttons in the device handler.

If you want to use a momentary button you can but you still can’t rename the button. You can rename the device.

@Cobra - The ST momentary button isn’t really momentary. When pushed it sends both the on and off events. Pain in the butt for me. I wrote my own DH. Doesn’t run local but I don’t care.

I wrote my own too becase I wanted to vary the amount of time it was on for.
So I made the on time configurable in the settings of the DTH
I wrote one for seconds and one for minutes :slight_smile:
I actually use one to ‘boost’ my heating for one hour when I switch it on

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