How do I assign actions to minimote?

I just received my minimote, upgraded the firmware and installed.

But what smart apps do I use to map the minimote to actions ? I can’t seem to find anything.

I mis-read this reply as sarcastic at first with just a search link but then I realized you were searching for “Smart Lighting” and realized that was the answer to my question. The search results are useless to be honest because the forum search gives strange results sometimes but the Smart App name was all I really needed. Thanks.

SmartLighting will work for lights.

If you want a button push to change the mode or trigger a routine or turn on a siren or some other options, you can use the smartapp that is just named “button controller” from the “more” section of the marketplace. :sunglasses:

(This app has been around for a long time, so it uses V1 terminology. For example, routines will be referred to as “hello home actions.”)

HI @Ron,

I agree that just giving a link to a search without any context or additional info doesn’t help.

I just added 3 of these and ordered 3 more, and I use a modified button controller app from @bravenel that I made into a parent/child SmartApp.

As @JDRoberts said, Button Controller will work perfectly for these, but if you have several like I do, you can’t give each instance of the app a separate name for some reason; hence my need to create what I did.

The Button Controller app is found in ST’s Marketplace

Bruce’s app can be found here:

My parent/child app can be found here:
(look for my-button-controller-child and my-button-controller-parent)

Here’s what it looks like in ST when a few minimotes and Iris buttons are set up: