Removed Hue Bridge, now cannot re-add it (Also affects Sonos, Netatmo, Wemo, DLink Cameras)

I’ve got a spare Raspberry Pi2 laying around, methinks i’ll be looking into openHAB

even worse mine stopped working on both locations a few weeks ago. support told me to remove through the ide and read the hue connect smart app… fine… but one of the locations is remote and now it found the hub but I cannot obviously push the button on the hub to find the individual lights. thanks support great guidance…

now I am sol till I fly back up there to do it!!! I opened a support ticket and ask them if they could restore the devices from the database … again no response.

Did anyone that opened a ticket on this issue last week ever hear anything back from support?

I reached out to support again yesterday because I didn’t hear anything all week even though I was told both that the fix was coming early last week, and that once they pushed it I would receive a follow up from support. By Friday, I had not heard a peep, so I replied to my open ticket asking for info. A few minutes later I got the automated message that a new ticket was being created, so I assume this means that my original ticket was closed.

This time I was told that the fix was in fact pushed early last week, but that it apparently did not fix the issue for everyone. Once again, I was told that the issue has been escalated to the highest level, and that I will be contacted once a fix is implemented.

This has me so frustrated. I messed around with it last night, manually added a hue bridge device handler from the IDE, and now somehow the hue app shows under my smartapps, but I cannot open it, and the hue bridge device still doesn’t work.

Does anyone know what the true cause of the issue is? Is it understandable that ST themselves is having such a hard time fixing this, or are they just blowing smoke?

Woohoo! It’s finally fixed!

Yep can confirm. Received a reply from support on my ticket 15 minutes ago and immediately tried and was able to reconnect my Hue bridge. Hooray!

I received an email from support tonight saying the issue was fixed but I still can’t re connect my Hue bridge