Remove splash screen/slowing startup

Hello Smartthings/Samsung,

Can you remove the splash screen to speed up lauching the app?
I already spent the money to buy smartthings you don’t need to advertise it to me.
I can’t leave the app running in the background becasuse I have young kids and they use my phone from time to time…

Thank for listening,

Most splash screens are shown while data is loading. So the alternative to a splash screen is showing potentialally incorrect data. I think is rather have the splash screen than my dashboard showing my garage as open when in reality it is closed.

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Is there no way for smartthings to launch faster?

its a cloud based system, so its going to depend on your phone’s internet speed, how may devices you have, how many you have added to your favorites, etc. mine loads in what I consider an acceptable amount of time.

Asus Zenfone 2 running Lineage OS latest 7.1.2 firmware launched in 32 seconds.
ZTE Axon 7 stock launched in 34 seconds.
Amazon Fire HD8 sideload app completely stock firmware launched in 43 seconds.

The issues got much worst with the most recent update that introduced Scene.

Previously it’s was like 5 to 10 seconds.

I know it’s not the issue with my internet speed because I have 150 Mbps download with 15 Mbps upload.

Anyone one else having this issue?

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Yes, apparently.

As soon as I added fingerprint, it no longer loads slow. Not sure why but very fast now

Not everyone had a phone with a fingerprint sensor.

iPhone 6s with the latest firmware - ST loads in less than 20 seconds for me. Same with my ancient iPad2 and my wife’s iPhone 6s Plus

I know this isn’t the answer you wanted. Find someone who has an iPhone and load the app and see for yourself. I am unfamiliar with Asus and ZTE

They added a fix to the ST Mobile app in version 2.10.1 that i believe addresses this:

Hehe, I’ve got you beat and this is from my mobile phone. Not sure what I get directly connected via Ehternet :slight_smile:

Still waiting for Gigablast to come to my area and make me 4x faster than this

Now if I could only afford a car that went this fast.

All kidding aside, see my post above for 2.10.1. I believe the problem was introduced with version 2.10 and fixed with version 2.10.1.