Remotec ZXT-600 device handler and instruction for V3

anyone need new ZXT-600 device handler and instruction for ST V3 can go to Remotec website or contact Remotec support. there has been an instuction on how to connect it correctly

Which website?

The one on the manufacturer site at

Appears to be for the now discontinued Classic app, not the current V3 app, although I’m just judging by the pictures. :thinking:

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Hey Robert,

I have attached the instruction for your ref. fairly different implementation than old ST. a bit long for the instruction and may require you to program/change ID base your SmartThings ID.

Any question you can contact us would be happy to assist.

(Attachment SmartThingsDTHforHueV3_V0.2.pdf is missing)

PDF cannot be uploaded, send me by your private email, or later a bit you can download from website

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This DTH also supports the basic features for ZXT-600 with the new app. The first post details the list of supported features.

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Hi, Vincent. it seems the instruction in remotec website is still for the old app.
possible to share the document? I send you a private message for my email address.

thanks a lot and stay safe!