Air Conditioner Compatibility?

I came across this on AliExpress and I’m wondering if this will work with SmartThings Hub V3?

I wouldn’t buy it off of AliExpress (devices there are often misdescribed or counterfeit), and it’s not an air conditioner, it’s an IR remote control for air conditioners that already have an IR remote.

That said, it’s a well known model of a well known brand (or a Knockoff of one), the Remotec ZXT600 which allows zwave commands to issue the IR blasts, thus mimicking an existing remote. So far, so good.

So let’s assume that this actually is a remotec ZXT 600. If so, and you already own an air conditioner with an IR remote, you should be able to get it to work with smart things so that the ZXT 600 looks like a thermostat.

The manufacturer recently posted a link to what is supposed to be a DTH for this, but my concern is that all of the examples in the documentation are for the classic app, and I don’t know if it will work with the 2018 V3 app or the brand new 2021 app.

If you are willing to pay for third-party code, @rboy does have a DTH which does work with this device. But you would have to pay the one time per hub $40 fee for access to that library.

So… If the listing is for a real remotec ZXT630, that device essentially replaces the remote control for an existing air conditioner. It is not an air conditioner itself.

It can work with the current smartthings platform, but it will need custom code.

The manufacturer says they have that custom code, but I don’t know anyone who has tried it.

There is a version of custom code that works with that device in the Rboy apps Library, but you do need to pay to get access to it.

Here’s a discussion thread:

There are other alternatives if you do already have an air conditioner with and IR remote. In particular, broadlink is popular and quite inexpensive. It also requires custom code. Or the SwitchBot mini hub will work without custom code, but the controls aren’t as nice.

Another option for replacing the remote with something that will work with smartthings is the Cielo Breeze. This will not require any custom code and has very nice controls, but it is more expensive than the broad link or the SwitchBot.

If you open the smartthings app and go to add a device there should be a section on air conditioners which will show you some of the options for your region. Many of those just replace an existing remote, they aren’t air conditioners themselves, so read the descriptions carefully.


Remotec offer DTH for classic app and V3. here is the link, the docx named “groovy script for hue V3”.

Besides, Remotec will create a DTH for itself WIFI version IR blaster for people who is looking for an alternative beyond Z-Wave.