Remotec ZXT-120 with New ST App on Hub v2

Is anyone successfully running a Remotec ZXT-120 IR AC controller in the new app? If so, could you share the Device Handler and SmartApp used? I’m getting ready to migrate from Vera back to ST and trying to get everything ready for a smooth transition into the new ST App. TIA!

Were you able to get your ZTX-120 to work with the New ST App? I’ve paired it with my Hub v3, but it’s reduced to a thermometer, not a thermostat. I can’t turn on the AC using the IR blaster.

Anyone get ZTX-120 to work with the New ST App ?

Thank you

Have you paired it with the SmartThings hub?

Yes, and sent custom handler from:

But is still has Thermostat tiles and reply on commands is Network Error, not sure if parameter settings (IR code) is applied when change in settings.

This device handler now supports the ZXT-120 (ZXT-310 TBD in future). It also reports the humidity and you can manually set the air conditioner remote code in the device settings page.

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Hi guys. Did anyone successfully transfer a ZXT-120 to an edge driver? I tried excluding/including it, but the old “Z-Wave Thermostat” device type took over again, not the Edge driver.

Yes… Remtec did…

I’ve got the information from Remotec. It also include and Edge Driver for ZXT-120. I didn’t checked it yet…

This is the Driver invite to channel , copied from the document attached

Please install and update if works or not…

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Thanks @dotan_shai for the info.
Just installed it. Seems to be working fine.

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