Remote sensor for Appliance Power On or Off

This is not specifically a SmartThings issue but knowing how widely read on smart technology forum members are I thought I would put this out there to see if anyone had any ideas.
We have a hot water boiler in our Community Hall for making hot drinks and often hirers leave it on. At nearly 4Kw it can soon rack up a large electricity bill. I am looking for a wifi connected device that can remotely report via an app or text message possibly via IOT when it is switched on or off. To operate the boiler it has its own electricity supply so could be connected to the switched side of the isolator or to the appliance itself. Any suggestions welcomed

Hi @FozzieBear , I have not personally used these devices, but here are some options. I suggest looking at the reviews for these:

And if you have SmartThings or another Zwave hub:

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Thank you so much johnconstantelo. They are not exactly what I was looking for as they are actually high current remote switches. I was looking for a device which connected across the heater supply so that when still on it gave an alert to an app. However it has made me think about another way to achieve the results I need i.e. some of the Tuya wifi relays have a local pair of contacts that can connect to a switch so the device can be switched manually as well as remotely via the app. If I can find one with the correct current rating (or use it in conjunction with a power relay) that will give a remote indication the power to the device is on with the benefit of being able to turn it off remotely :grin:

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