2 pole 20 amp 220V smart switch?

I can not find any 20 amp 220v 2 pole smart switches to turn off my deep well pump in case of a water leak. There is a lot of exterior 40 amp ones to control a pool or hot tub. Such a simple common item, yet I can not find one. I do not want to use a shut off as pipe tees underground to multiple farm buildings and I would need 5 of them and that still would not help for an underground leak near the well. Even a device that could push a regular switch lever up & down would work. Would not need much pressure to turn existing switch on or off.

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What do you mean by “regular switch lever“? Does it look like a regular US light switch?

( also, what country are you in, as the device selection does vary.)

There are a couple of battery operated devices that can fit over an existing switch and physically move it, and those can sometimes be a solution. If that’s what you were thinking of, see the following Thread for discussion:

Smart switch for heavy load? (1hp motor)

Also note that this forum is specifically for users of the Samsung SmartThings ™ home automation platform. It is not a general home automation discussion group. So all of the questions and answers are assumed to be in that context. I mention that, because in order to use the solutions in the thread I just linked to, you would also need to have a smartthings hub.

If instead you were looking for a Wi-Fi device that doesn’t need a hub, there may be something similar, but it would be out of scope for this forum if it didn’t work with SmartThings, and off the top of my head I’m not aware of one.

If you are not interested in the Samsung platform, Reddit has a pretty active brand agnostic forum and you can ask your question there:

Yes, my 2 pole 20 amp 220v swithc is a regular light switch lever. Look just like a wall switch save it is 2 pole, not single pole

I needed a way to do the same thing. My solution was to wire the pump through a DPST 20 amp contactor, then installed a Z wave on/off switch (light switch) to control the contactor. You can switch it on/off through your hub or manually at the switch. You’ll probably have to install a box somewhere to house the contactor.

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Still surprised that no one manufatures a simple smart 2 pole switch that can commnicate with the hub. Millions just in America with well pumps. Anyway, what model DPST contactor did you purchase?

There are many available, just pay attention to current rating and coil voltage. This is what I used https://www.amazon.com/Packard-C230B-Pole-Contactor-Voltage/dp/B001KGSJ74/ref=sr_1_3?crid=BLZ6XJBVZAKW&dchild=1&keywords=contactor+120v+coil&qid=1607356666&sprefix=contactor%2Caps%2C340&sr=8-3 You don’t need to use the spade terminals, just use the screw terms. Also, I believe all contactors are single throw…either on or off.

There are some, and there are some community members using them, but they are mostly designed for 30A and up in order to support swimming pool equipment. And they aren’t switches, they are in line relays that you wire to whatever switches you want.

The following model used to work with smartthings and was quite popular, but I don’t know if anyone has updated it for the new V3 version of the app.

The following is a new model, Z wave plus, and works well with the new V3 app, but you would need to check the specs on it as it’s not designed to cover as high a load and it’s not outdoor-rated so you would have to put it in a project box. @TheSmartestHouse can answer any questions you might have about it, Zooz is their house brand. :sunglasses:

Aeotec Also makes a heavy duty zwave plus relay which is outdoor rated.

The GE model you already mentioned is also popular for pumps, and is outdoor rated. It works well with smartthings and it does come with a switch.

All of these options are discussed in the forums by people using them for pumps. They may be a little more complicated than what you were looking for, but they do work.

Or if you want something really simple, you can use one of the smart switch covers we already discussed. Those are battery operated devices that fit over the existing switch and just physically move it. These come in both single gang and dual gang formats. Here’s one as an example,


Just a regular toggle switch 220v 2 pole 20 amp. Something that could work with SmartThings to either toggle switch or replace switch. So freaking many single pole option but no 2 pole options

The following product will fit over the existing toggle switch. No wiring required, it’s battery operated. Z wave plus so you could should get good range and it will work out of the box with a SmartThings hub.


I ordered this

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I ordered thus