WiFi water boiler/heater electric switch?


I wish to replace my old and manual electric water boiler/heater electric switch to one with the following attributes, so I turn to you, hoping you can direct me to such a product that I can buy as a full and ready product, or as another path - a DIY solution/kit, that will only give me the electric switch with a WIFI access to it and an API control, and I will do the rest, the integration (I am a veteran IT guy who can code a bit)

Of course, it is not needed to be aimed specifically for a boiler, after all it is just an on/off electrical switch for the electric power that flows through it.

  1. Can be installed so most of its “body” will be inside the wall (“in-wall”)

  2. Wi-Fi controlled directly (without a need for a central product/hub to control it), either 2.4 or 5 GHz or both

  3. Android application that will have an on-off scheduler

  4. Electricity
    4.1. 16 Ampere
    4.2. 220 Volts (at least)

  5. Preferred but not a must:
    5.1. That the application will keep track of usage dates and times, and possibly count the amount of watts consumed
    5.2. An external physical button/switch to be the main “real life” on/off for this device
    5.3. Ability to control the device securely from the Internet, using the Android app

So, do you know of such a product(s)?


In which country is this to be installed?

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It will be installed at Israel

FYI, you missed the most important things.

Temperature control, defined on and off temperature when it starts heating and when it turns off the heating.
It must have these two values coded locally without internet dependency, and without any other flick to use it.
Otherwise, image when your internet/wifi goes away and your heater just blows up, because it hasn’t turned off.