Remote dimmer switch control lag time?

In my living room, I have a set of 4 can lights controlled by two old dimmer switches.

The switches are on the opposite side of the room, so you have to walk through the dark room to get to them.

Right by the entrance is a wall toggle that controls a couple of outlets.

I’d like to replace the mechanical dimmer switches with zwave/zigbee, and I’d like to replace the wall toggle with a remote.

There is no wire that runs between the two.

Are there any good zigbee or zwave remote options that could work here?
Will I have horrendous lag, or jumpy dimming?
I’ve installed a bunch of WD-100+ dimmers in other parts of the house… those work great with the WA-100 remote control, but of course there’s a traveler wire.

I am not sure whether this applies to WD100 but you can now use the WD200 as main and companion by using association in place of a traveler wire.

Why not just find a remote to stick on the wall? Something like this might look “stock”:

Edit: I believe the association method should be no log as it is a direct association between the two devices. The remote method might have some lag depending whether all the devices you are using are local or not. The HomeSeer devices, if you want all features, are not so there may be some lag… how bad depends on the usual things including whether ST is having a bad day or not :wink:

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