Remote Controlled Fans+GE Smart Switches

I’ve searched high and low and can’t find my answer. I currently have my old ceiling fan wired to two GE Smart Switches. One switch is for the fan motor (allows for changing the speed from 1%-100%) and one switch is a dimmer switch for the light. I want to replace the fan, but the one I want comes with a handheld remote. I do not want to use this remote to control either the fan or the light, I want to continue using my smart switches. If I use the remote to set the light and fan on highest settings, should I then be able to use the smart switches to control light dimming and fan speed? Or when I turn the switches off, will the fan “forget” that it was set to high for both lights and speed from the handheld remote? Of course if fans/lights normally default to 100% settings, it wouldn’t even be an issue.

I think it’ll depend on the fan. What model are you looking at? If the installation instructions are online for that particular model, they might give you an idea as to whether it would work.

Many fans with a remote have a remote receiver that you wire in under the canopy when installing. If it’s one of those, you should be able to just install the fan without the receiver.

If the receiver can’t be removed… maybe someone here has tried it but I’d be worried about putting it on a dimmer since they’re not designed for that. I’m thinking it’s more a question of safety and does the fan function properly than whether it comes back on at full speed.

The GE smart switch for the fan is one that is made specifically for fans and has been working perfectly on my old fan. The new fan I am looking at is from Here is the link. I do not see any instruction manuals online.

A quick look on google turned up no instructions for me either. Sounds like you’ll have to gamble.

That being said, I’ve not personally had a remote control ceiling fan where you couldn’t remove the remote module. YMMV

I can’t find a manual on that one, but there are some reviews that lead me to believe that the remote receiver is wired in as part of installation and sits up in the canopy at the ceiling. You should be fine - just don’t install that piece.

I don’t think it’ll apply to this fan, but my earlier point was that, if you’re not able to remove the remote receiver, then you’re dimming both the fan light/motor and the smarts of the remote receiver. The remote receiver might not like that. Would you expect a Hue bulb to work properly if it’s wired into a dimmer? I think the ones where that’ll be a worry is where the integration is more complex than just a remote - ones that advertise native compatibility with Alexa and such.

Thank you both for your diligent efforts to help me. Very much appreciated!! I understand what you mean now philh30 about the dimmer. I’ll try to post a question on their site and see if the seller can answer whether or not the remote receiver can be excluded in the installation. Again, thank you so much!

No problem! I really think you’ll be fine on that one. As I was poking around before answering you I found this one that looks to have WiFi integrated in the fan housing, not as a separate module. Those are the kind that I don’t think will behave with a wall switch fan control. I could see more fan manufacturers going that route in the future. Your model looks to be a dumb RF type of remote with the receiver in the canopy.