Harbor Breeze Parklake Ceiling Fan: After Adding GE Smart Switches for Fan and Light How Can I Still Use Remote?


I have recently installed Harbor Breeze Parklake ceiling fan with the remote controller in one of the bedroom. We have two switches to operate the fan and light separately. We are using only one switch since the fan connected to the remote receiver and the other switch left unused. I am planning to upgrade these two switches with GE Smart Switch for Light and GE Smart Fan Control for Fan.

Now I have two issues,

  1. How do I wire such that I can use both remote and two switches?
  2. If I do so, there is a warning in the fan manual that “Do not install this fan with variable speed wall control or wall-mounted dimmer switch. It will permanently damage the fan’s remote control receiver and cause the fan’s functions to fail.”

After doing some research I found the following options

  1. Bypass the remote and wire the switch and fan lines. This way I can use both the switches operate the light and fan without a remote respectively. But I am not sure this will have issues with the fan?
  2. Use something like “BOND Home by Olibra”.

Let me know if someone already has any solutions for this use-case. Thank you in advance for any help.

The problem is that that model already has a smart controller built in which includes memory settings. You probably won’t be able to use the GE switches with it unless you completely replace the existing controller, and I’m not sure how easy that will be to do.

I would start by trying the bond device as it’s presenting itself to the fan’s controller as just another remote rather than changing the way the fan is controlled.

What you’ll probably have to do to keep both the remote and the smarts is pull out the remote receiver, wire direct and then buy a button controller. Here’s how I do it:



Sorry if i am being naive, what do you mean by replacing existing controller to use GE Switches?

I mean your fan already has a built-in smart controller in the fan motor assembly. So it’s likely that this is why there’s the warning in the user manual not to use a variable speed wall switch with it.

With some fans of this type the controller is essentially an add on piece and it’s fairly easy to remove that piece and then re-wire The fan to the GE switches. But the GE smart switches are really intended to replace an existing dumb switch, which is a setup that is much simpler to manage.

But it just comes down to the details and I’m tired today, so I’ll leave it to other people to help you investigate further.

Cool. So, you are saying to bypass the remote & remote receiver came with fan and wire direct and use some kind of button controller if I want to operate as remote other than mobile and Alexa/GH for GE switches?