Ceiling Fan Control (6 speed)

My wife bought the following ceiling fan for our high ceiling great room:


It has an included RF controller to control the light and 6 fan speeds. (Note: 6 speeds!)

My house is new and is wired so that the power comes into the switch as required by code and can then be passed to the fan independently by two separate single pole switches. I have used a GE dimmer and GE ceiling fan switch in the bedroom to gain Smartthings control. I dont think that’s going to work for this new fan. Do I have any options to control a 6 speed ceiling fan? (The light is easy)

What protocol is the remote using? If it’s an IR remote, harmony might be able to control it, in which case you could do it that way.

If it’s using 433 MHz or one of the other protocols, then probably not without a whole lot of work.

Thanks. The fan is on order so I don’t know if it is 433MHz or not. Honestly, I’m not sure I want to spend $99 on such a device and would need some convincing mentally!

I think I might just put in a GE Smart Toggle (on/off) switch as a stop gap. At least then I can presumably turn it off/on at the previously selected speed.

its mostly 433Mhz. Once you get the FAN, see if the 6 speed RF unit is an install module or if its built into the motor

If its a module, you can remove it and continue using the GE 3 way FAN switch to control it

if the module is built into the motor (which I suspect), your only only current option is to use a ON/OFF Automation switch to turn the FAN on/off at the previously selected speed

There is a module launching soon that may interface with the FAN remote to automate it with ST… been waiting for it for a long time (over a year…) as i have couple of 6 speed fans in my home as well