How to control 2 devices with 1 switch

Is there a way to do what Big Switch does, but from the device? In other words, I have 3 lights all connected to different circuits. I don’t want to have to hit 3 switches everytime I want to turn on all of the lights. Is there a way to hit just one light switch (not from my phone) and have all 3 of the lights light up?

There are multiple ways. Are your switches smart or are the bulbs?

@wackware created a smart app called Dim With Me that should allow you to control multiple ST connected switches using one switch. That may do what you are looking for

Do you want one master switch that turns off devices on 3 circuits?

Or are you looking for something that works kind of like like a non networked 4 way switch where each switch turns off all the lights? (Like switches at two ends of a hallway do?)


As long as all three switches are smart, setting up one master switch is easy, there are multiple ways to do it with or without coding. Even just IFTTT will work.

Or use @NorCalLights ’ trick of not wiring the load in the master, although then if ST goes down you can’t manually turn off the lights on that circuit:

Remote but in wall switch form factor? - #3 by NorCalLights


If you want to have all 3 switches act as the master, though, then you probably have to install a “button controller” switch like the smartenIt (battery operated) or Enerwave SC7 (wired) at each switch location.

Another option is to mount an inexpensive tablet and use a dashboard smartapp like SmartTiles by @625alex or the one by @florianz . Those allow you to control as many things as you like from one location.

Hi Greg, they are all linear zwave switches. I’m new at this though. Thanks

Thanks Kevin. I might try that. If hoped maybe they’re was an easy way to associate them, so that when I turn on one of them they all turn on. I can get it to work from big switch, but not from the physical switches.

I would recommend the big switch app

H JD, I want to hit one of the circuit switches and have it turn that circuit on/off and the other two circuits at the same time. I had hoped it would be as easy as associating a group of switches together. I do have a minimote if that helps.

Big Switch should do that? I added it on my phone and it works there, but not at the switch. Is there something else I need to do? Are there instructions for big switch somewhere? I couldn’t find any.

I use IFTTT. I have a switch at the top of the stairs that controls the can lights in the finished part of the basement. In the laundry area there are 2 lights, each on pull strings. I put GE Lights in the laundry area and I have IFTTT set to turn them on and off based on the main switch in the main basement area.

I also use IFTTT in the office but a bit different. There I have IFTTT set to turn off my desk lamp if I turn off the switch to the main office light. It does not ever turns on the desk lamp.

Big Switch should work. It will only control from the master switch though. You can’t turn on any light to get them to all come on.

I don’t know if it would create any conflicts. You might try using a big switch smart app for each switch, where you change which one is the master.

i hear good things about Dim with Me, but haven’t tried it.

What make and model are the switches? If all 3 support association and the two auxiliaries are line of sight to the master then you can do direct association if the switches support it, but then SmartThings loses track of their status.

If this then that should be a fast and relatively easy way to do it. Sometimes there is a little extra lag, but at my house so far it’s been about as quick as any other way. Just go to SmartThings has a channel. You can trigger the master turning on (this) to turn on the first auxiliary (that). Then you set up three more “recipes”–master on turning on second auxiliary, master off turning off first auxiliary, master off turning off second auxiliary and you’re done. Once they’re set up, they happen automatically. :sunglasses:

You could also use IFTTT in a circle using 3 recipes. Switch 1 turns on Switch 2, Switch 2 turns on Switch 3, Switch 3 turns on Switch 1. The loop should stop once each one is on. You would then have to do the same thing for off.

Any multiple master automatic trigger based on the switches going on would set up a ring around the rosey loop. A turns on B which turns on A which turns on B etc. if you have sophisticated code which checks status first you’re ok, but hard to do in a mesh network. Better instead is if all 3 switches trigger a scene instead of each other. Then there’s no loop.

But since the original poster doesn’t need multiple masters, he has more choices. :blush:

Have you tested to see if the loop actually stops? I’ve seen IFTTT set ups go into infinite loops, but it probably depends on how the receiving channel handles the requests. If it informs IFTTT of each request you have a problem.

IFTTT is listening for a state change. If the light is already on when it receives the on command, the state is not changing. Therefore, the recipe wouldn’t trigger.

Edit: I just tested, and the loop does not stop… Back to the drawing board

Just tried IFTTT, but it’s way too slow. 10 seconds…

They are Linear WS15Z-1. How would I direct associate?

Linear WS15Z-1 does support direct association. You do need a primary controller to make the association. You can use a minimote for that, although to be honest I don’t know if you have to change anything about the way the minimote works with ST to do that first. The switches still have to be line of sight to each other, because the direct association only works on one hop, not through a repeater.

Here are the official Linear instructions, although again I haven’t tested this in a SmartThings installation, so perhaps someone with a similar setup can comment: