Hmmm Ceiling Light Fixture Using a Fan Remote.... Ideas?

OK, before I ever heard of smartthings let alone installed it, I needed a light fixture in the middle of a room where no fixture ever existed. To save the time, cost, and repairs of adding a wall switch too, I simply installed a fan remote control in the ceiling with the light and mounted the handheld remote on the wall. Works perfect and turns the light on and off.

What can I implement to make this a ST controlled light? Can I swap my current remote module (in ceiling by light) and the handheld remote control for a zwave component (in the ceiling) and a remote switch in the wall. Of course without any new wiring.

Ideas welcome and thanks in advance for your expertise!

So this is just a light? Not a light fan combo?

If that’s the case you can install pretty much any z-wave switch at the light to control it with SmartThings, you can then put another switch or remote anywhere or use your phone/tablet to control the switch that’s in the ceiling.

If putting a actual switch in the ceiling isn’t an option, there are Aeon Micro switches which isn’t actually a switch but allows on off control, there is also another one by Enerwave. They are very small devices that connect to load/neutral and then to the light.

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Thanks… Started looking at the Aeon Micro V2 per your mention. If I put this in the box where the light hangs (yes, light only) how would I turn the light on/off (other than from phone app)? It is main kitchen light over our table so I need a switch or remote of some sort on the wall that is always available and readily available.

Without running any wires at all you could try the Aeon minimote or the Smartenit 3-button wireless switch which runs on batteries. There are several discussions about both of these devices.


For a no wire switch install my recommendation is the same as @ErnieG

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