Homeseer switches randomly going down


We are currently renovating a house and have installed about 80 homeseer WS-100+ switches through the house. We haven’t moved in yet, but over the past month I have been setting up automations and double/triple tap events through ABC and Webcore.

My issue is that every now and then a random switch will go down. If I turn it off and on through the switch I can see it turning on and off through smartthings. But I can’t control it at all through the app. If I double/triple tap it, all associated events will work with the exception of that switch.

I am not able to replace the switch in the app because smartthings thinks it is working fine, and if I reset the switch it automatically removes it from smartthings and I lose all programing. It is getting really frustrating since it takes quite a bit of time to add the switches back into the automations.

I am wondering if anyone is experiencing this and if there is a simple way to get these switches to interact again without removing them or resetting them? They are all on 5.16 firmware and I just ordered the homeseer zwave stick to try to upgrade them to 5.17.

One other thing to note, we are still renovating so every now and then a breaker will be shut off and on again, but switches have gone down without their breakers being touched as well.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

(Nathan Curtis) #2

Seeing something similar with some of my my GE12xxx series devices. ST support has not helped so far because I had custom DTHs attached to the devices…


Yes, I didn’t think support would help since it is technically not an approved device. As much as I like smartthings, this might be the reason I will have to move to homeseer. There are just too many switches in the house for this to keep happening.

(Nathan Curtis) #4

I’m going to try to switch one to an approved DTH and then see what they do. I already know it’s not the DTH, but I know how the game is played…


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Have you added devices or messed with electrical lately?

I do wonder if the instability of power going on and off in the house and me still adding more devices is part of the issue. I won’t really know until we move in and everything is set up.

(Nathan Curtis) #6

Negative. Well at least I didn’t. Who knows what the power company did.

I was in a relative period of stability. I’m trying not to artificially tie to the most recent firmware update, although timing is… Coincidental.


@darwin have you ever had switches go down? You seem to have the most experience with these and smartthings.

(Nathan Curtis) #8

@Brad_ST here’s another thread with similar symptoms, this time Homeseer hardware. This is the reason I pinged you into these.


I only have a few of the WS100+ switches currently installed, so its probably not a great data point, but have not seen a connectivity issue. To my knowledge, my front porch light on one of the
switches has never missed a sunset on event in nearly two years of operation.