Zigbee switch stopped working after using Homebridge plugin

Today, January 17, 2023 a few devices went offline.

How the Zigbee switch in my bathroom went offline is really peculiar. I had installed this plugin in Homebridge to connect smart things to HomeKit. So this morning, instead of shouting out to Alexa as per usual, I asked Siri on my phone to turn the switch on. It came on, but now, the physical switch wouldn’t work to turn it off.

I was able to turn it off from HomeKit again. But it stopped went offline in SmartThings. Now the switch is also non-responsive in HomeKit.

All this could just be a coincidence because several other ZigBee devices have also gone offline. These are mostly Samsung smart things multipurpose and motion sensors. It is possible they went offline because the switch went offline because between those disconnected devices and home hub, there is “Unknown route” listed in the groovy IDE.

What would be the next steps I should take to try and get the switch in the bathroom to work again, both physically and via smart things?

Try to re-pair the switch without removing it from your hub. If you do it that way you won’t loose any automations.

Once you have Edge Drivers in the mix routing in the IDE will show unknown devices for those using Edge Drivers.