[RELEASE] Zooz 4-in-1 Sensor

Hi All,

Bought 2 new Zooz 4-in-1 sensors. Primarily wanting to use them for motion and humidity.

I installed the devicehandler and I can get it to recognize humidity/temp/lux but for some reason Motion remains active.

I also noticed that nothing really gets updated in the Recently tab within the app, which is strange.



Try removing it and joining it again.

I just went through this with my third zooz 4-in-1. My first two were installed near the hub and always worked great. This third one was pretty far out and was acting up from day one. Most notably, the motion sensor would stay active and drain the battery.

Solution: added a z wave repeater to strengthen the mesh. It’s been perfect ever since. These sensors are great. Thesmartrsthouse was also super helpful through it all.

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To be honest, I’m a little overwhelmed by the options this driver provides and I’m not seeing the light level change triggers fire when I’d expect. So I’m unsure if I have something set stupidly or I have some other issue with my device?

My goal for this device is simply to turn on lights when it starts getting dark. Using sunset is not always satisfying when weather can make it dark much earlier. But the lux reading doesn’t seem to change when I expose it to different light levels.

I can use the paper clip to get it to wake up and pull updated settings. I just never get a useful reading.

My current settings are thusly:

Name Type Value
autoClearTamper bool false
checkinInterval number 0
debugOutput bool true
decimalPlaces enum
humidityOffset decimal
humidityTrigger number 1
ledIndicatorMode number 1
lightOffset decimal 0
lightTrigger number 5
lxLightOffset decimal 0
maxLx number
motionSensitivity number
motionTime number
primaryTileStatus enum pLight
reportBatteryEvery number 167
reportLx bool false
roundPrimaryStatus bool true
secondaryTileStatus enum battery
tempOffset decimal
tempScale number
tempTrigger number

Most light sensors can support up to at least 10,000 lux, but this sensor reports percentage of ambient light and reaches 100% at less than 100 lux so it might not be sensitive to do what you want.

After exposing it to a different light level you have to wait at least 3 minutes to see the change…

I’ve been using one of these sensors successfully for a few years to do exactly what you want. I use it with a webCoRE Piston that is called “Gloomy Lights”. In a nutshell, I created two variables LowLUXThreshold and HighLUXThreshold that are set to 15 and 27. Then, I have selected lights turn on during the day when the measured LUX level is below the LowLUXThreshold (15) for more than five minutes and turn off those same lights when HighLUXThreshold (27) is exceeded for more than 10 minutes. There’s a lot more that I’m doing with it too, but that’s the main purpose. For my use case, this sensor works very well and it helps keeps the lights on when needed and off when they’re not.

The actual LUX levels you might need could be different than mine because of where you place the sensor. I have mine near a north-facing window but pointing into the room 180 degrees from the window.

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Hi there,

I had purchased the Monoprice 4 in 1 sensors unaware that I had to purchase the device handlers so I have been using these ones instead but my only problem is that motion is always active from the very beginning and no matter what scenario I put the sensors it will not register no motion. I played with the motion retrigger and sensitivity from high to low values but no change. Waited for pending changes to refresh and pressed twice the refresh pin hole as well.

I can see motion registered in the log once the sensor was excluded and factory reset but once that is done i get regular updates on illuminance, humidity and temperature but no motion. I have a few of these sensors so I setup a couple of them and put in fresh batteries but still no changes.

I seem to have the Monoprice 5.1 firmware version so aware that motion retrigger is between 1 to 255 minutes but I tried those values but also the second version which only works on the other firmware versions.

The Monoprice device (5.1 firmware) burns through batteries, is slow to report motion, and motion reporting is also really unreliable.

The Zooz model with firmware 17.9 and above is great because it uses a CR123A battery which lasts a long time, it reports motion quickly/reliably, and they’ve made a lot of useful setting related enhancements like changing the motion clear time from minutes to seconds…

Monoprice sucks, they don’t make improvements to their products and rather than compensate a developer to create their handlers they partnered with a guy that charges the customers to use them.

Save yourself a lot of grief and return the product…


Hi. I added the Zooz 4-in-1 Sensor device handler, and now I’m trying to find information on the various settings. For example, how do I set the primary tile to RH? What do the primary and secondary status mean?

Primary tile is the primary status setting. Secondary status is what’s shown at the bottom of the primary tile.

Those settings only apply to the classic mobile app. There’s currently no way to customize the look of the new mobile app.