Wintop Z-Wave Siren

I got a cheap-o one of these off ebay for $20. its not horribly loud, but it does what I need to wake me up in the event of an issue. When I initially add it to ST, it pairs as a repeater. The only other options I can change it to in order for it to work is Z-Wave switch or siren generic in the IDE and then it operates as a typical on/off switch, which works some of the time but apparently this also has a temp sensor and light patterns that are supposedly controllable. In these settings (switch/siren) it will drop off line about every other day and not be fully controllable even tho its well within range of the hub. I’ve rearranged its location, removed and re added to ST and behavior remains the same. Has anyone else used these or know of a device handler specific to this device for it to operate as an actual siren and show temp and light pattern options? Thanks for any info.