Linear WA105DBZ-1 pairing with Smartthings HUB (V2)

For the life of me I cannot get the HUB to even see the siren. I followed the instructions.

  1. The instructions do not say which wire goes to what contact (hooking the power supply to the unit).

  2. It doesnt mention if it needs to be charged first.

  3. If someone has made it work can you please layout your instructions here?

  4. I see several people have written code for this device but I dont know how to use it (Any help)?

Bottom line up front is I just want this siren to work with my hub.

Super late reply but for reference I was having same issue couldn’t add it.

So this is what I did:

With linear Siren 1 feet away from ST hub:
Go to z-wave utilities in ST app.
Click General Device Exclusion
On the back of the siren alarm i pressed the tamper button and held for 2-3 seconds.
Received a message that an unknown zwave device was reset and could now be added.
I then clicked add a thing on main ST screen and held the tamper switch 2-3 seconds and released.
Item was identified as switch which I then changed the device handler to the one available at [RELEASE] GoControl Siren / Linear Siren / Vision Siren

In general for z-wave items it helps to reset/exclude it by General Device Exclusion first then doing the Add a Thing steps.