[Release] SmartThings on Floor Plan: View and Control from your House's Layout UI

I see now that photo icon works only for sensors.
In switch, outlet… don’t work

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@Mariano_Colmenarejo Oh. That is the intention of us because photo is only applicable for sensors. When the sensor changes its status, the photos will shown up instead of default icon. An use case for that is changing your precense sensor to your real avatar image as in the image below.

Maybe we’ll improve it a little bit by hiding that feature for device which is not sensor, so you won’t be confusing. Thanks for your information!

Yes, it could be useful, for example in a plug or switch that puts a camera “on” it could use a photo of the camera when it is activated.

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Oh @Mariano_Colmenarejo, I haven’t thought about that. Although the camera 3D model is under development plan, I’m pretty sure that your suggestion could be useful in general. Just added your opinion to the discussion list of the team. Thanks!

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I just found this app today and already I love it. After playing with the free version I had to buy the Pro for my 150 devices. So far I have my first floor mapped out and I think this is a great accessory to the Smartthings app. I just have a couple of questions. I installed on my smart phone but realize this is best on a bigger scale like a tablet. I have an Amazon Fire tablet wall mounted running Fully kiosk and some Sharptools dashboards. Is there any though to making a “read only” version that maybe can be converted to a dashboard so my kids don’t screw things up? I would love if there was a way to design the floor plan on the app and eventually export a web page or something that simply allows interaction with the devices but not modification.
Looking forward to further developments.

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Hi @Rayropes , thank you for using the app. There is an option on the Settings > General > Edit Mode. You can disable that option, to avoid your kids screw things up.

Also, when talking about Amazon Fire, we now doesn’t have official version on Amazon store yet, but you can still install Google Play on your Fire and install the app frolm there. Then use Backup/Restore feature to sync all your setup from your phone to your fire tablet.

Hope this help and please let me know if you need further support!

Yes, i Use it in my old Fire 8 HD.
I have a suggestion, I propose a popup that invites you to synchronize data, when opening or closing, so as to be sure that you always have all the cloud updated. An option to automate it would also be handy

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Hi, @Vu.Q.Nguyen are there any developments for this App? Will it be supported now that the ide is closed and move to the edge?


The email does not even arrive at its destination @Vu.Q.Nguyen I have little confidence that the project will continue

The domain used by the developer, https://thingstwin.com is no longer active and is for sale.

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Yes, I know, I had looked, and I had noticed it :weary:

@Mariano_Colmenarejo do you still use this app? For me it still works even if clicking on Smartthings smartapp does not open anything. I was curious to know if with the end of groovy it will continue to work or not. You know something about this? Unfortunately VU is gone, I don’t know who to ask :slight_smile:

Hi @Diegocampy
It doesn’t work for me, when I open it it stays on the home page

wait wait wait, after several attempts and waits it usually works by me.

ok, we understand that this app will have no future support and is destined to disappear (even searching and writing to Vu on Facebook I didn’t get any answers), but I would like to ask a question anyway. I changed my phone and installed the app from the market and when I loghin it tells me if I try to retrieve the loghin data from my google account, I can’t even make the login request, if I write my email and password by hand it tells me “user pool does not exist” has anyone had the same problem? To understand if it’s mine or the platform’s problem.

We understand that this app will no longer be supported, installing on new devices no longer works. But I can’t erase these remaining fragments. Should I be concerned or do I just wait for groovy to close and never see it again?
@JDRoberts I tag you only becouse you are informed about a lot of change in Smartthings.
Maybe you know something about it

I’m sorry, I don’t know. :disappointed_relieved:

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the developer is no longer responding, does anyone know how to delete the smartapp? I still see it and I don’t know how to remove it

Have you tried removing/deauthorizing the devices from the smartapp and then deleting the smartapp?

where is it? this app has never had a smartapp installed. I only see it from app as a possibility to install a new smartapp, but from ide or elsewhere nothing is seen