[RELEASE] SharpTools.io Dashboard and Rule Engine!

@joshua_lyon, does Sharptools.io work on a Google/Nest hub?

The Google Nest Hub doesn’t have a traditional web browser, so not really. If you ask her to open a webpage, she’ll respond with “I can’t show websites yet.”

That being said, lots of people are using Amazon Fire Tablets with Alexa built-in as a multipurpose device – part dedicated dashboard and part voice assistant. And lots of people are using tablets as dedicated home control centers either wall mounted or sitting on their countertops. :smiley:

I’ve asked the same question in another topic about ActionTiles.

I asked it, because I ran into this article when searched for chrome browser in nest hub.

It makes sense that no user interface to enter text for login, but Chrome comes with user associations and saved password usually. I assume. Has any of your users tried it?
I don’t have a Nest Hub (yet), but looking at the features how it can be used multiple ways.

Yes, there are also some Cast related tools that let you cast a webpage to the Google Nest Hub which some of our Hubitat users have tried. As you noted, the biggest limitation at this point is there is no keyboard input to enter login information.

That being said, as a workaround we might be able to display our own in-page input. For example, at least for phone based login, we could perhaps display a numeric input (similar to our PIN input).

I’d rather not have a custom input dialog show up for normal users, so I’d need to think about how to best handle this.

There’s also still the question of how well this would functionally work. Lots of questions around how long the page stays open, what happens when you ask it questions (eg. the page closes), how can you easily get back to the page, etc. :thinking: :slight_smile:

@joshua_lyon, if you thinking of seriously these features, then you might want the look at Home Assistant Cast. HA has implemented a solution back in August, according their post. (I’ve just found it meanwhile searching about the browser.)

Thanks for the feedback. The Home Assistant Cast integration is indeed very neat. :slight_smile:

We’ve had very few requests for this so far, so we don’t plan on dedicating significant engineering resources to it at the moment when there are other highly requested features. That being said, if there’s a few tweaks we could do to make things work, it seems like it’s worth at least taking a look!

One of key things we use to determine what we work on is the level of user interest in features, so if there’s more interest in it down the road, we’re always open to reprioritizing it as a first-class feature based on popular user request!

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I played with a bit more and after adding a touch based input for phone number login to SharpTools, I was able to login and dashboards render just fine. :smiley:

I used the Cast All The Things (CATT) script to ‘cast’ the dashboard to the Google Display. After swiping the dashboard away and then casting it back, it stayed logged in just fine.

I haven’t spent a lot of time testing to see how long the dashboard stays up… it’s stayed up for the past half hour or so since I originally cast it. Also, when I asked the Google Assistant about things like the weather that displayed a full screen response, the response would come up as normal and then after a few seconds it would go back to the dashboard.


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