Will this set up work? (PlayStation 4 + Hue + Harmony + Echo + SmartThings plug)

I have a smart things hub and have ordered Amazon Echo. I also have Hue Lights and smart plugs. Before i go out and buy the Logitech harmony i just need to know if this will work.

I want to have this rule.

"Alexa turn on Playstation mode"
Lights dim
Playstion plug switchs on
Tv switchs on if its off (via harmony or if anyone else has any ideas)
Tv switches input to PlayStation input (via harmony or if anyone else has any ideas)
Sonos Playbar and speakers turn on and start working.

Thank you and any advice and what i need would be great.

With the Logitech Harmony it will do all of it except “Playstation plug switches on” as I take it you’re using a smart outlet
If not then it just depends on PS3 or PS4, Harmony can control PS4 but can’t turn it on but never bothers me as you need to get a controller to play a game anyway.

More info here:


Yes i will use a smart outlet so my smart things will turn PS4 plug on. Now my Tv powers up the Ps4 as soon as the correct Input channel is selected.
So this should all work then.
I only need harmony to change the input on the TV. The rest can be done via smart things

Once you get harmony you can do way with the smart outlet and bypass smartthings all together. Harmony won’t let you just change the input on the TV it’s a activity that will get activated by the echo that will turn on all the devices that are required for that activity and set them to the correct inputs

I think im with you. They way i had in my head. I would set mode up on smart things. All my plugs are off. ill tell echo to change to this mode (routine). That would then trigger smart things in to that mode. That would then turn on all my plugs and change light. That would also then trigger harmony to select the descried activity. Which would be turning on tv and putting the TV in to the right input for the Ps4.

I will give you an example of my Harmony Cable activity

Turn on TV
Turn on Tivo
Turn on AVR
Set TV Input to HDMI 1
Set AVR to Cable
Change Tivo Channel to 501
Turn on Hue LED Strips Behind the telly to and set to blue at 25% Only between sunset and sunrise
Set all other Hue lights in living room to off

So for the echo there really isnt any need to use smartthings for anything but you can also add harmony activities to smartthings that act like switches so you can use other ways to start harmony activities

Okay great. im with you now. So you would recommend the harmony then?

There’s nothing out that completes with it yet. I have backed the Neeo Remote on kickstarter but it’s been over 18 months and still not received it yet but it could give harmony a run for its money once its out.

Have had 4 harmony remotes over the years, the current hub based ones have there pros and cons but pros outweigh the cons