[RELEASE] Nuki Manager for Nuki Smart Lock(Approved)

Unfortunately Nuki decided not to include the local HTTP API in the Nuki 3.0 for now. According to them only way to get it to work is to connect the lock to a local physical bridge (like the 1.0 and 2.0). If Nuki changes their mind and enables the Local HTTP API for 3.0, then it may work.

Ah I see, it feels like they might not, likely due to battery reasons the bridge wouldn’t be prone to, but eventually also due to technical limitations in reality.

How difficult would it be to follow the Nuki Web API implementation route for the manager to cover this use case, as other projects seem to have reasonably achieved?

It seems like it might be bringing further benefits for all, including updating the lock status when it’s been manually un/locked by the feedback on other threads :blush: