[RELEASE] Nuki Manager for Nuki Smart Lock(Approved)

Thanks RBoy,

I am running the latest bridge firmware 2.6. I have http calls successfully working from other devices without fail every time. These devices are using the http api to open and close the lock and does not reset the bridge. The nuki app over the bridge (BT disconnected) also works flawlessly.

Its only the Nuki Manager that seems to keep randomly connect and disconnect with the bridge. Is this related to the recent bridge firmware update on the 13/07/2020. As I have only seen this problem surface over the last couple of weeks.

We haven’t seen any issues here using just the Nuki Manager. I suspect the other app you’re using may be causing the issues with the bridge. Try turning the HTTP API off and using only Nuki Manager.

When I turned off http api I lost access to the lock as expected from other devices but also nuki manager. I had to enable http api again for nuki manager to start working but again this morning it’s gone back to the earlier error of “hidden bridge found…”

Hi RBoy,

Can you please help? I am not using any other app apart from using nuki api commands to lock and unlock from another device only when manually activated ie I don’t have any automation setup from that device.

Thanks in advance.

I’m not seeing any issues here with our test bridges. Since you’re saying that it works fine for a while and then stops, my guess is the other integration you’re using may be resetting your bridge settings or possibly the hardware is faulty. Nuki manager doesn’t reset any settings on the bridge so it’s something external (possibly through the HTTP API) that’s resetting your bridge tokens/discovery. You may also want to check your power supply for fluctuations in case that’s affecting the stability.

Thanks RBoy. The other device is just sending an http api command to ‘lock’ or ‘unlock’ the lock when I manually push the button. I am not sure that would reset the token/bridge discovery. I never have problem locking or unlocking from my intercom (other device), works every time. It’s just the nuki manager that has an issue.

I have also written to nuki regarding this problem.

I am in one of the big cities in Australia and we don’t have power fluctuations where I am. I have many devices on my network running of mains power that run without any issues.

Hi RBoy,

Nuki has confirmed the bridge to be working. The problem with the nuki manager Smart app is the responsibility of the app developer. The bridge works perfectly via the nuki app and http api. Can you please please a resolution to your smart app?

Below is part of the log from the smart app. It keeps losing the IP address of the bridge for some reason

4:47:04 PM: trace Getting list of devices for [[bridgeId:XXXXX, dateUpdated:2020-08-27T11:45:02Z, expiredToken:false, ip:, port:8080, token:XXXXX]

4:47:04 PM: trace Getting list of bridges from Nuki servers

4:47:04 PM: trace Hostname api.nuki.io has IP Address XXXXXXXXX

4:47:04 PM: trace Request was successful, status=200, json=respData

4:47:04 PM: debug getChildDevices(false), children=1

Every ow and then I also get the warning message:
4:48:06 PM: warn Bridge auth failed! Did you press the button the Bridge and is the ‘HTTP API’ option enabled in the Bridge settings?

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For my is the same problem of user rybackisback… Is imposible to configure Nuki Manager… when pulse de buton of Nuki Brigde and the app detect my Nuki Smart Lock… failed to created the object into the smartthings app… i try with classic and the modern app… and is the same problem!!

They’re completely different issues. He has a bridge that is sending bad information for the Nuki server after a few days of normal operation.

What you’re describing is an installation issue where the platform is unable to create the lock devices. Sounds like you forgot to add or publish the Nuki lock device handler in the IDE. Uninstall the app and follow the step by step instructions and don’t forget to install the SmartApp AND the device handler AND publish them both.

If you’re still having an issue feel free to email our support desk.

I dont forget anything… i publish both and still the same error…when detect de bridge with the IP and the nuki with hostname… then failed tu create the object Nuki Smart Lock into the app…

Nuki Manager - v01.01.00

  • (New) Update for new SmartThings app
  • (Fix) Stop requesting bridge auth (push button) once install is completed if it wasn’t pushed

Nuki Lock Device Handler - v02.00.00

  • Update for new SmartThings app with custom UI controls
  • Option to select default SmartThings unlock action (unlock or unlatch)

Screenshot 2020-10-09 at 3.05.35 PM IMG_7054


  1. You may need to delete your nuki lock and device handler and reinstall it for the changes to take effect
  2. You can find the step by step upgrade instructions here.
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Nuki Manager - v01.02.00

  • (New) Report actual lock battery percentage

Nuki Lock Device Handler - v02.00.00

  • <no change>

NOTE: This features requires Smart Lock Firmware 1.10.3 and Smart Lock 2.0 Firmware 2.8.15 (or newer)

Nuki Manager - v02.00.00

  • (New) Added support for Nuki SmartLock 2.0 Door Sensor

Nuki Lock Device Handler - v02.01.00

  • (New) Added support for Nuki SmartLock 2.0 Door Sensor


I appreciate the continued development work here, this is a great addition!

Any news on Opener support?

Hello, new here.

Dumb Question: do we need a STH for this using the handler and Smartapp?

Great question: yes you do. This is an zero configuration discovery and setup integration which requires a Nuki bridge and a SmartThings hub to discover the bridge. Be sure to have the Nuki bridge and SmartThings hub on the same network without any firewalls so they “discover”/“talk” to each other.

Greetings! and with the opener is there compatibility?

Nuki Manager - v02.00.01

  • (Fix) Improve callback registration when bridge is busy and clear expired callbacks to improve response (NOTE: For the changes to take effect, after updating the code, you will need to open Nuki Manager in the SmartThings mobile app and click Done)

Nuki Lock Device Handler - v02.01.00

  • < no change >

Hi @RBoy ,

Having just installed a Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro (with integrated WiFi and no bridge), while knowing it wasn’t supposed to be supported, I was a little hopeful that’d be discovered as Nuki states the bridge is integrated, but it won’t, even after setting the lock to pairing mode.

Nuki Web shows the API active and allows to setup OAuth2 redirect URL and provides the key, moreover you can create API tokens.

Is there any chance or plan to make the manager compatible with this lock? Can I maybe help test in any way?

Thanks a lot!