Konnected, which panel and kit do I buy?

Hi people just a quick one. I want my old alarm system making smart but unsure which Konnected panel/kit to get. I want the old keypads to work but at a later date want to change one keypad to a tablet. It’s only a small 2 zone kit.

I bought the original V1 (interface) because I wanted to just “see” the status of my sensors." With the original V1 boards, there were two different versions.

  1. The first version basically replace your existing alarm system panel and use your existing wired sensors. You could not tie it in with traditional monitoring services like ADT, Smith Thompson, & etc.
  2. The “interface” version would basically sit on top of your existing alarm system (but not replace your original control panel). This allowed you to use professional monitoring services and still tie it in with smartthings.

Since then, they came out with new kits. My understanding is that the new Konnected base unit panel (Konnected Alarm Panel 2) is a standard konnected board (works independently). If you want the system to tap into your existing alarm panel, you would purchase the “interface” add-on. Keep in mind, these still only work with wired sensors. Someone correct me if I am wrong.

Thanks for your reply, so if at the moment I still wanted to use keypads and existing alarm insides what would I need?also will this allow me to swap one of the keypads at a later day for a tablet with action tiles?


You will need our interface kit. Size depends on how many wired zones you have. Start with 6zones and can always expand later.

Hi Nate, I only have 2 zones. So just need the interface kit. It runs along my alarm making it smart. Plus I can change on of my working keypads at a later date for a tablet, is this correct?

Yes. That will work.

Thanks Nate I know I’m a bit of a pain but could I ask one more favour. Could you send me links to everything you think I may need for this project please? Once again thanks for your help.

Since he still wants to use the original alarm system & keypad, wouldn’t he still need the interface add-on or did that change with version 2 of the boards?

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Yes, we have packaged our kits into two types now: Conversion Kit and Interface Kit

The latter includes the Interface module, which is needed to connect in-parallel to a traditional wired security panel. Both can be purchased from the main product page, here:

@ChelseaNick25 The kit contains everything you need for a successful installation. If you want to do the keypad -> tablet conversion also, then you should pick up a 12V to 5V USB Converter with the right connector tip for your tablet .