[RELEASE] Monoprice/Linear/GoControl WAPIRZ-1 Motion Sensor with Temperature and Battery Device Type (Updated)

You need to ask ST. the messages AREN’T come from the code. the Platform is generating them internally.

Actually I was able to replicate the issue with the Aeon multi sensor also.

There’s no patch one can put in the code, ST is generating the phantom active and processing it by itself. The device isn’t sending or displaying it, ST is doing both, generating AND displaying it.

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Thanks good sir. Ill wait for support to respond to me.

With your code, can you do a 30 second timeout? Why only go down to a minute?

The smallest amount supported by the device. This isn’t a “code” feature, it’s a device feature programmed by the code into the device.

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@RBoy, do you actually have a Monoprice motion sensor? Are you actually able to change the timeout interval on it?

I just installed this device handler last night. I’m getting the same issues of the motion always being active. Just wanted to let you all know you aren’t alone.

i switched back to using the John’s free version of the device handler. Motion resets after 1 minute

EDIT Still experiencing random active events with John’s device handler… If definitely resets after 1 minute but then immediately goes back into an “active” state. :confounded:

yes why?..

i take it back… after putting the sensor in a drawer, I’m not receiving random “active” events on John’s device handler. Been sitting in a drawer for 10 minutes now and not a single “active” event has gone off.

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When I run below command, I always receive the same value of 700501 no matter what i set the timeout to after an update.

log.debug zwave.configurationV1.configurationGet(parameterNumber: 1).format()

I have no idea what you’re trying to do with that statement but I can tell you it won’t return the parameter set on the camera. I would suggest you start looking at the documentation on how to write z-wave device types.


The code already has the necessary commands in it to verify that programmed value (write and then verify). Maybe start with that. So when you hit the request update tile, open and then close the cover, it will force a rewrite of the parameter and then read it back, you should see it pop up in your live logging window. See the first post on manual updates.

That may be a fluke I still think the issue is with the platform. That’s why it is random ghost events. Sometimes you’ll see it and other times you won’t. The important think to look at is the “physical” signals. In all the cases I’ve seen, including my lab, I don’t see the “physical” signal from the device indicating it’s a active. There HAS to be a physical signal corresponding to each event report for it to come from the device.

I’ve also noticed this odd behavior of “sticky” motion, both with your custom device type and on the previous one I was using (My Monoprice Motion Sensor v2 by jscgs350).

I figure SmartThings must be going through a small crisis again, since others on the forum have reported strange issues with various devices.

As a temporary fix, I’ve modified your device type to add an on and off switch for motion. This lets me turn off a stuck motion switch manually. I can share just the individual code snippets for my modification, if you’d like.

It may be, but going 5 hours strong now and no false alarms using Johns code. Motion is only reported when it actually happens and is reset on the minute.

Yes same here with my code. No issues for the past few hours. Let’s keep an eye on it. :smile:

No luck for me. Problem still exists.

I still only get false motion issues with rboy’s code. When I use the community code, I don’t have any issues. For now, I will stick with the community code.

Hmm you know I think I found the issue. There’s a bug in the ST template which was carried over into my customized version. Thanks for staying on this. Will post back once it’s fixed.

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No, thank you for all the coding you provide. I will test your code again when you make changes.

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Okay it’s up version 1.1.0
Fixes the issue for the phantom active event due to an idiosyncrasy of the Monoprice sensor vs other (e.g. Ecolink) sensors which wasn’t handled correctly.

@Mclovin50 @Ross check it out and let me know.


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Cool, I’ll install the update tonight and let you know.