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[RELEASE] Monoprice/Linear/GoControl WAPIRZ-1 Motion Sensor with Temperature and Battery Device Type (Updated)


(fireheadman) #208

got a reply…
kinda not so great when the finger pointing game is started by Samsung SmartThings.
could be a lose cause, but at least they heard my voice/opinion/etc…etc

Chelsea W. (SmartThings)
Dec 27, 11:28 AM MST

Hi Benjamin,

Thanks for reaching out, and I’m happy to go over this with you.

Currently, I see that you’re using a few custom device handlers and custom SmartApps. When it comes to custom integrations like these, we’re unable to offer support simply because they’re not officially supported or officially compatible to work with SmartThings.

If you’re concerned with the way things are displayed in relation to any of those custom devices/integrations that you’ve installed on your account, I’d have to direct you back to the community or their developer. You can find our community here.

Of course, I’ve made sure to note your feedback regarding the general display of things via our SmartThings Mobile app, but if you have any other questions or concerns for us, definitely reach back out.

Kind Regards,

Chelsea W.
SmartThings Support

My Reply back:
Chelsea and Team,

I appreciate the feedback. To comment on your feedback… The reason I am using 3rd part DHL’s is simply because SmartThings isn’t offering these capabilities.
I have read many many posts on the concerns of lack of support and the only way to gain support is to email you guys and express the desire for said support.

So while I totally understand you guys not being able to support a 3rd party DHL, when will you team/developers actually create the needed/requested support?
Since everything is open-source, what is stopping you guys from sucking in all these great tools, thanking the people that contributed and making your product have more “OFFICIALLY” supported DHL’s and SmartApps?

The finger pointing game isn’t fun to play… we just want you guys to produce more great and SMART things.


(fireheadman) #209

Chelsea replied back to me… she is now submitting the feedback to the developers. Guess they sometimes need that extra bit of encouragement. Glad to know they are active in getting things done.

(Tom Crites) #210

A newbie here so sorry for any stupid questions.
I’ve just received 3 Monoprice (p/n15902) sensors. ST refuses to add the devices so here I am.

  1. I did add the ZooZ 4 in 1 Device Handler to my ST Hub. Is this the right DH for the Monoprice 15902?
  2. I did not see ‘My Apps’ on my Android phone so per the instructions I emailed ST Support. I did log out and back in to ST on my phone with no luck.
  3. Do I have to add a specific SmartApp ultimately get access to all the features of the Monoprice 15902?



(Tom Crites) #211

Update: I figured out you don’t push the button in the battery compartment but you stick a paper clip in the teeny tiny hole in the side of the unit to pair. ST found the ZooZ 4 in 1 Sensor (ZSE40) but in all three of the sensors my phone really doesn’t seem to be updating variables (motion, temp, humid, light).


I emailed support asking them to add battery capacity into their handler for the GoControl sensors. I presume that the trade off between the custom one and the original is that the custom will not work locally?

( - Make your home your butler!) #213

For the ZooZ and Monoprice 15902 use this DH:

(fireheadman) #214


Two enhancement requests for this DHL:
Item 1)
I’ve noticed on this DHL, the Icon is a GREY Circle. Is there a way to give the option to select a custom icon (maybe link into the ST icon library?) or maybe have a standardized icon instead of the plain grey circle or even colors?

Item 2)
I use a EcoLink Motion sensor with the default ST DHL. When using this, it shows an update Motion/No Motion on status. Your DHL just shows the Temp (when using the Monoprice/GoControl sensors). Can you enable a selectable menu/way in the options to select which feature (temp or motion) you wish to be display as primary status? I use these sensors more for motion than temps.

( - Make your home your butler!) #215
  1. Sure
  2. We’ve already coded it that way, ST has disabled that feature in the 2.x release of it’s phone apps. Please send a request to ST to reenable the option for users to select the tile to show on the main screen. Until then you’ll have to change the code (just one word on line staring with “main”, change temperature to motion - in the next release)

(fireheadman) #216

wow that is super fast on the response time!
thank you for the tip on code mod, trying it now (and will definitely send a nag email to ST group/devs)

when you have an update to the DHL for the first item I will gladly test it for you.

( - Make your home your butler!) #217

Next release :slight_smile: It’s not completely there yet

( - Make your home your butler!) #218

Can you clarify which Icon you’re referring to, maybe with a picture

(fireheadman) #219

Here ya go…

(fireheadman) #220

yeah… noticed…

When I do this and re-publish it, I end up with devices in ST app showing up as “Missing Tiles”

Going to see if opening up the sensor for 15 seconds and/or a hub reboot corrects it.

( - Make your home your butler!) #221

That’s because we haven’t put in the standard tiles for “motion”, instead of motion put “summary” for now and it’ll work.

( - Make your home your butler!) #222

###Monoprice Motion Sensor Device Handler and Linear/GoControl WAPIRZ-1 Motion Sensor with Temperature and Battery Device Type - Version 02.02.06

  • Added option for users to select custom icons
  • Added ability for users to select primary display when ST mobile app allows for it

(fireheadman) #223

saw you posted this, so I updated my DHL to your code. I see the “main” line now has 3 entries in it.
Using your code (unmodified), I still see the temperature. No option to select primary display.

Did you want me to tweak this line still? Or do I need to do something else? I verified the icon changes work (freaking awesome at that too! thanks for that part!).

UPDATE: Did some quick testing awaiting your reply, made the “main” line look like
then saved, re-published. This works like I want it now. This forces the icon to the ST motion icon (back and forth arrows) Also the option to select an icon goes away.
If you use the “main” line with all 3 entries or then you have the option to select a custom icon from the library, but will still have the temperature displaying.

( - Make your home your butler!) #224

The main line options are supposed to allow the user to “select” the primary parameter. However ST disabled this feature in the 2.x release of their app. Please send a note to support to ask them to re enable this feature if you’re interested in having it back.
In the meanwhile the first parameter in the main line is being used by the app as the primary parameter. So pick the main parameter you want and make sure its first in the line.


Forgive this possibly stupid question, I’m still trying to learn the lingo.

Trying to figure out a way to adjust the sensitivity on my ST motion sensor (F-IRM-US-2).

Will this device handler work with that motion sensor? I am not sure of it’s z-waviness.


( - Make your home your butler!) #226

You won’t see any of the advanced features like temperature and sensitivity adjustment. Those are specific to these models.

(Paul) #227

@RBoy question regarding this device handler. I am using for three motion sensors. Everything works great. Only issue i have is in the things listing, I do not have any icons showing up. I just have a grey circle. When i open the device itself, i have the motion and non motion triggers, just not in the things list. Is there anyway to add my own icon or am i missing something all together. Sorry if this is a stupid question, still somewhat new to the IDE.