[RELEASE] Initial Setup for Ecobee3 & 4, Smart-SI, EMS, Smart-02 thermostats - My Ecobee Device

@yvesracine got the programming working, thanks for the heads up. One last issue I seem to be having is with the ecobee remote sensors. After setting things up they seem very slow/bad at picking up motion. I would think they would be instant however sometimes i could be standing in front of it moving for an hour and it doesnt pick any of the movement up. Do you think the sensor is bad or something with the programming? I have 2 sensors and both seem to exhibit this


Hello @Roach,

You may want to look into this thread first:

As specified earlier in the above thread: ecobee motion sensors don’t allow real-time events.

Also, on the ST side,there are some rate limiting and max execution time constraints to take into account which is why the polling interval cannot be lower than 10 minutes.

You can refer to ecobee API documentation:


Which states (about motion occupancy):

The remote sensor data will only show computed occupancy, as does the thermostat. Definition - For a given sensor, computed occupancy means a sensor is occupied if any motion was detected in the past 30 minutes.

So, I’m sorry but there are limitations in the way the remote sensors were designed, and they will never be like any ST motion sensors (unless ecobee makes some serious changes on their side).

But, you may want to contact ecobee support if your remote sensors are still reporting occupancy after more than 1/2 hour…Please check at your physical thermostat first.


Gotcha, thanks for the quick response. I am a bit at a crossroads in terms of either adding more remote sensors from Ecobee, or picking up Motion detectors or temp sensors and trying to figure out how to tie them in to the Ecobee. I just want the motion sensors to work faster, similar to what I get with a dedicated motion sensor. Likewise, if I use a dedicated motion sensor, I like some of the functionality such as the Follow feature.

Any thoughts on this?

Hi @Roach, please look into the ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule smartapp as described at the very beginning of this thread.

The smartapp allows a room by room configuration and reproduces the follow me feature with any ST connected motion sensors…


Hi @yvesracine - thank you for your work on this. I just installed it and I’m running into one issue. I have two ecobee3 thermostats. When I go through the smartapp setup in the ios app I check off both. When I go to the list of “Things” I see them both. But only one of them ever connects. The other one is left with all blank parameters. Any idea what the issue is?

@YEM, just try first to press the refresh button several times (as indicated in the readme file at my github).

You can also activate the live logging in the IDE to see if there are any errors or exceptions…


I have hit the refresh button so many times. :(" Nothing happens.

I went to live logging and nothing posts from My ecobee. Is there something I have to do to get it to live log?

You need to set the trace input parameters to true. There are some instructions in the readme file about it at the end (step 7 or 8).

You can try also to re-login to ecobee with live logging in myEcobee Init…

Bye for now

Yea I read that earlier and didn’t know that trace = live logging. I’ll set it now.

OK here was the problem. I guess? This thermostat is newer than the other. I set it up using my phone and never went to the ecobee web page. (For the first one I did go to the website and make some adjustments). Just now when I was standing at the ecobee unit that was not working in the app, I noticed that the thermostat was not getting weather data. It said I had to set my location online. Once I set my location the app (“thing”) started reporting temps and data. Not sure if that makes sense to you, but that’s what appeared to fix it.

OK, it makes sense as the thermostat was not probably considered ‘connected’…

P. S. You should remove the trace as it’s no longer needed.

And, please support the developer!

I always support you devs. I’m not rich but I contribute. :smile:


Can I reduce the font size fairly easily or would this be numerous edits? Many of the words in the boxes are overflowing.

Is there an easy way to convert this to the new app style / look? I think it was for MyQ Garage Door app - someone posted a few lines of code that changed it to the new style. Just wondering. :smile:


No, the font type cannot be changed, and this is a ST platform issue, not my code.

As far as converting to the new style, I will give it a shot later as I need to test on Android and iOS with the new UI and the old UI to make sure it’s compatible. I tried once and the results were mixed.

Bye for now

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Thank you @yvesracine for the easy to follow instructions for setting this up. I recently set it up (with just the included remote sensor). I then bought 2 additional remote sensors and tried to add those to SmartThings. I have all of them selected on the “Select Motion Sensors” and “Select Temperature Sensors” pages, but when I hit “Done” on the last setup page, I get an error saying “Device still in use. Remove from any SmartApps or Dashboards, then try again”. I tried removing all of my sensors, including the ones that are working properly in SmartThings, but got the same error message. I also get the same message when I tried to remove the ecobee3RemoteSensorsInit SmartApp altogether. The only sensors that show up in SmartThings are the main thermostat unit and the remote sensor that I set up initially.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

@ninjawa, the remote sensors exposed as ST sensors are probably used somewhere in other smartapps.

You need to unselect them in all smartapps before being able to delete them.


@yvesracine, would I need to do that in order to add my 2 additional sensors? I’m basically just trying to add all of my sensors to ST but I’m unable to add them. I was only trying to delete the existing ones as a way to figure out why I’m unable to add the additional sensors.

@ninjawa, if you do not want to remove them from the other smartapps, you just need to create another instance
of ecobeeRemoteSensorInit (and you change its name at the last page) with the additional remote sensors.


And, please support the developer! :grinning:

Hi there,

FYI, if you have any question or issue about My Ecobee Device and related smartapps,
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Please consult the following link about My Ecobee Device:


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I made some changes today to take advantage of the new multi tiles capabilties.

Please consult the ST community wiki for the new look & feel.



P.S. Just a reminder: I don’t have any control on the font size rendering on different OS (Android,iOS, Windows).

Looks really great Yves!! Thanks so much. And yea the fonts aren’t a big issue. Just thought I’d ask. Can’t control what you can’t control! :).