[RELEASE] Fibaro FGBS-001 Universal Binary Sensor (UBS)

@DT39 If you update the device handler you should hopefully see the problem fixed, though its hard for me to test as I dont have any negative temperature sensors, so it’s possible Groovy/ST will find something that it doesnt like with negative numbers!

Cheers for that but getting this after putting in new code

org.codehaus.groovy.control.MultipleCompilationErrorsException: startup failed:
script_dth_metadata_a422f614_bac2_4870_9fe3_070dcb1688a8: 562: unexpected token: } @ line 562, column 1.

1 error
× startup failed:
script_dth_8653f717_035b_45f3_9d40_71a5431b20a7_ver_0_2: 562: unexpected token: } @ line 562, column 1.

1 error

I dont think you have copied and pasted fully, since there shouldnt be a line 562, and there isnt one on Github either…

Ah yeah my bad paste issue! Trying to do it on phone sorted now but still doesn’t seem to show minus. Any idea?

That interesting! Can you send me some of the lines from Live Logging to ensure that there is one update from your temperature1 sensor please?
I think it is calculating it correctly, but evidently not displaying it correctly due to some ST quirk, but would ideally confirm before spending ages understanding what ST is doing!

All seems to be good I just didn’t give time to update! child temps showing minus as well. Many thanks :+1:

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Hey veterans, I am new to all this.
I am struggling to find a guide on how to add my Fibaro UBS to my ST Hub.
my aim is to use the UBS as a Water temperature thermostat. I have done the wiring properly I guess, but don’t know how to proceed in order for my hub to connect to the UBS.

Any help is much appreciated.

Just press the button on the UBS three times quite quickly while the hub is in pairing mode (add new devices).

Hi @cjcharles,

Any luck with getting the motion fully working on this? If the child is inactive and the contact closes; the child changes to motion but when it opens again it doesn’t change back. But if I forse it closed then open again in the main device; it will change back to inactive.


Sadly due to bugs in ST it is still not possible to have a single DTH which will support custom mixtures of motion/contact sensors. The easiest option for now would be to create multiple versions of the DTH and have one doing two contact sensors, another doing one contact and one motion…etc. Sadly that is currently the only option, at least ST have accepted the quirk about child device creation sometimes not working properly so maybe we will see that fixed soon!

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Thats a shame :neutral_face: was hoping they would then take this as a official DH as there currently isn’t one for this yet and this one’s does everything!

how would i do this? just change the child to motion and the contact to motion?

yeah saw this, fingers crossed

I’m after a little help. When I add my UBS it is coming up as “Z-Wave Device Multichannel” which I guess is wrong. Have I missed something when I put the device handler in?

Nothing wrong, but once you have paired it to ST, you need to assign the Device Handler to the actual device. You can do this in the Web IDE, by going to the Devices link at the top, clicking on the UBS which you have added, and then changing the device type to the UBS (which will be at the bottom of the list). :slight_smile:

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I knew I was missing something.

Thank you

Got my UBS connected with a single temp sensor. Unfortunately the temp sensor always reads zero. I tried a different temp sensor, but same result. These are the waterproof ones with 2M cable. Wiring colours are red, yellow and black, so I assumed TP, TD and ground. Any ideas?

Second question, for the contract sensors, the output seems to follow the input. However, if I manually close the contact for within the app the output does not close. Thoughts?



This is because it’s done through hardware rather than software, unfortunately it’s not possible to switch the outputs without connecting the respective input to the ground. This is by design as the main purpose of the device is to go in a security PIR.

Did you connect it before you added the device to ST?

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Yes connected both prior to inclusion. I just purchased another DS18B20 locally. No joy until I exclude again, reset the UBS and then include again. Do you know of the module is sensitive to the specific DS18B20 connected? I am thinking it might be as they have an ID.

Also finding it quite tricky to get the UBS into include/exclude mode via the 3 pushes on the B button. Seems more tricky compared to the other Fibaro modes I have used.

Yes there is only one type that works with them according to the manual.

Yes this is correct it will only work if it’s connected before it’s included, so if you add another you will have to do it again.

Think I had a few issues to connect them at 1st, you have to click them super fast :smile:

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Actually I meant if you replace one DS18B20 with another. it seems to need to exclude/reset/include if you do this.

Yes this is also correct the have I individual ID (abit like DALI drivers) thats how you can connect 4 on the same line, if you reconnect one that was working it will start working again without a exclude. So you also have to do a factory reset on the device to clear it’s memory. I have one that I connect one to once and on this DH it still picks it up and has a static value of 18c as that was last reported, even though I have removed it and added it back again.