[RELEASE] Display Sonos Now Playing on LaMetric Smart Clock

Hey guys,

For anyone that has purchased a LaMetric smart clock [(http://lametric.com)] (http://lametric.com) and wishes to be able to display what is currently playing on a specified Sonos speaker as well as be able to pause/play the speakers, I have created the following SmartApp that does so. This could be useful for any bar/restaurant owners that use Sonos for music and want to have a display for the patrons to see what is currently playing overhead.

I tried to be as detailed as possible in the README.


Hopefully someone finds it useful, I know I have!



I really wish you never posted this. I’ve spent way too much money so far. I had no idea this device existed.


Wow, that was a pretty comprehensive guide, thank you!

I have this up and running, the only issue I had is that pollster doesn’t seem to pick up on Sonos devices, so I can’t add them to the polling list.

Other than that, it seems to work very well anyway. I did have to remove and re-install Sonos to ST, as that always seemed buggy, It appears to be much better after doing that.

I suppose it will be a substantial project to adapt your Smartappp for the Denon Heos Speakers?

In theory it should be possible actually. Denon and Marantz share the same HEOS engine and I believe there is an API to call what is playing (I have a Marantz). It would still require an intermediary to do the communication, hence why I recommended SmartThings. I can try to take a quick look to see how feasible this is. Mind you, I’m nowhere close to being able to call myself a developer, but I can definitely see what I can do.

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This would be awesome to show sport scores as a somewhat ticker

Hi @jrubin. Did you perhaps get an opportunity to look at the possibility of extending your app to Heos speakers?