New Sonos Speaker DTH - Need Beta Testers

Hi. I’m looking for 5-10 beta testers for a new DTH for Sonos Speakers.

The DTH has all of the features of the stock controller, plus:

(1) control group volume / group mute,
(2) add/remove a speaker to a group,
(3) displays station (eg, for Pandora) / playlist (eg, for Spotify or user music library) name, and
(4) select and play one of your saved favorite station / Playlist.

These new features are available from within the DTH itself. They can also be used in CoRE Pistons. I will be adding more features as well.

If you are interested, please PM me with a description of your Sonos setup, your level of expertise with CoRE, and general level of expertise with installing and using custom SmartThings DTH.



I have a Sonos 1 and a 3 and eould be more than happy to help.

I have 2 x play 4’s and 2 x play 1’s

I would love to help out.

I have a bridge and a Play 1

I have three Sonos Play:1’s and a single Sonos Connect. I’d love to test it out. I have used various features of CoRE and have pretty good knowledge of ST.

I have 3 Play 1. Would be glad to help.

I’m new here. just added ST to my home last week. I have 5 SONOS zones and I would be glad to help.

We should talk about integrating.

Hi Tony - Happy to help.

Experianced at core and DTH installs…

Sonos setup is
3 x Play:3
1 x Play:5

Playbar, Sub and 2 x Play:1 setup as home theater.


?? Typo perhaps?

Yes, yes, yes please!

I have 5 rooms with Sonos:
Bedroom: Play 3
Office: 2 Play 3s in stereo and a Connect (the input from the Connect gets sent to the Plays 3s)
Kitchen: same as Office but Connect:AMP instead of Connect
Entrance: Play 1
Living Room: playbar, sub, and 2 play 1s as home theatre

I use Spotify with these, often grouped. I’d love to be able to have routines (with main logic in CoRE of course) which can change between various pre-set grouping options. E.g. Alexa, Turn on Sonos Downstairs: groups Kitchen, Entrance and LR. Alexa, turn on Sonos ungrouped, ungroups all the speakers, and so on

I use CoRE for most of my rules. I’ve used custom DTH’s for Sonos before ST made the official one vaguely usable. I’ve doen Sonos beta testing too.

I have 4 play 1s (two stereo pair). For music and radio, I mainly use TuneIn. I am an experience user of ST with tons of voice announcements. I am intermediate user of CoRE. I primarily use CoRe for most of my rules (most of them are with Sonos). I have comfortably installed custom apps and DDH from GitHub.

@infofiend , pick me! :slight_smile:

I have a Playbar, Sub, Connect AMP, and 3 Play:1s so far. I can get around well in CoRE and have installed quite a few custom CTH.


Would love to help! I have 2 play 3s, a play 1 and a connect amp. Use them all the time, both ungrouped and grouped!


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Delete. This.

Hello, did this make it out of Beta, interested in using?

I put my hand up i Dec 2016 and have not heard a thing since.
Perhaps SLC has made this obsolete.

What is SLC?

Super LAN Connect.